Entrepreneur Friend

​”You look like Vijay Mallya”

I shouted under the mango tree, near the Harvard steps. It’s a coincidence that his name is Vijay Krishnan.

Sportive look and in French beard he looked like an entrepreneur. He has recently started http://www.theconstructionstore.in 

Civil Engineer by profession, when I asked him what his target segment is? He replied “Mitron, 125 Crore Deshvasiyon” 

Buzzing with ideas he is an entrepreneur to be watched. Do visit his website http://www.theconstructionstore.in 

​I failed therefore I am

Exam Time! That’s the time I don’t study at all. I listen to music, read fiction and watch movies. 
When I failed in a class at school, I learnt the greatest lesson. Never study during exam Time. 

It was just a habit of last minute exam preparation that I had to break. That year I fell ill just before exams. That year onwards I started preparing day by day , inch by inch. And I learnt the secret of being a champion.

So for the next class above plan is recommended. For this exam watch the movie 3 Idiots and chant “All is well” , “All is well” , “All is well” 

Whatsapp ke side effects

​On Sunday I had severe throat infection and cold. I called up my uncle who is a doctor to advice on medication. He asked me to note down 3 medicines.

As all medicine shops were closed on Sunday in Vastrapur, I sent someone to fetch medicines. He called up saying that one particular medicine was unavailable.

I messaged back my uncle to give alternate one. He did so.

I was little better on Tuesday. On Wednesday I got side effect and later found out that instead of one antibiotic I was taking two which caused side effects. 

* Moral of the story: Yes you already got it *

Whatsapp can create nuisance in your life.

Conversations are Markets

​Conversations are Markets

January 25,2017

I was chatting with Pratik who was travelling with his parents in my cabin. Conversation revolved around Demonetization, Reliance Jio and a site called http://www.confirmtkt.com which is helpful while making train reservation.

Here was the learning:

1. Vodafone network doesn’t charge roaming like BSNL but Idea does.

2. This site confirmtkt.com gives possible options while making train bookings.

3. Nihilent Technologies IPO is round the corner.

4. Bharuch Sing may not be produced in Bharuch.

25th January Auto Trip

​I opened up Ola. First option was to book an Auto today. I had never tried Ola Auto. It was offering me INR 29 for first 4 kms. 

I booked it and to my surprise I was to be driven by “Yasar Arafat”.

In Auto Yasar told me that it was his first trip as an Ola service. I requested him to show his app functions which he did. It said delayed trip (1), completed trip (1). I wished him best for his expe

rience with Ola. It was neat INR 107 trip. Introducing a new entrepreneur Yasar Arafat….

#Budget2017 Why we need a Robin Hood now?

#Budget2017 Why we need a Robin Hood now?
January 22,2017

As I saw pictures of Halwa ceremony for preparation of budget document on twitter, I wanted to tweet “I avoid sugar intake for fitness”.

Well demonetization was a welcome step and next to it I would expect government to offer transaction based tax instead of direct deduction from salary. Imagine the plight of salaried who directly gets a deduction from the salary unlike a business wherein expenses are incurred before taxes are applied.

UK is already pitching for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) called Robin Hood Tax. The Twitter handle is @RobinHood . Mind you this is a proposed tax on the financial system like banking and not on the individuals.

Aimed at solving poverty in developing nations by contributing 25% of the collection and 25% for climate change, UK movement is something we can learn lesson from.

A global good is required and perhaps demonetization and digital transactions were prerequisite for Robin Hood Tax from the system. A small tax on Banks and Financial Institutions of the extent of 0.05% is likely to collect revenue for government which can be used for social cause. Though I do not have a research document to prove its implications but it is a thought process.

As a salaried individual I would like certain expenses to be tax deductible. Expenses such as Education, Utility, Health and household expenses should be deductible while calculating tax to make way for greater possibility of savings.

I somehow feel that most parliamentarians are business class and do not feel the pinch which a single income earner managing a family is feeling. That’s precisely the reason we need a Robin Hood. It is the same class which makes most digital transactions and keeps their balance sheet (Salary Account) clean from any evasions.

The rewards of demonetization has to be felt by this salaried income class. It is not a simple equation of 10%, 20% and 30% income tax but affordability of this class which is actually going to run the economy by spending their hard saved money. Please don’t burden them further by sops under loan regime. Incentives on home loans and education loans have filled the pockets of real estate and banking industry rather than making this class rich.

May we have Robin Hood use his archery skills now?