A “No” has never been so profound !!

​A friend asked me to write review of the movie “Pink”

I normally do not want to spend money in theatres and see free movie downloaded from Internet. What I was curious was 87% rating by viewers on book my show &  a character called “Deepak Sehgal” being played by Big B. 
I entered the cinema hall late by 20 minutes and the dark steps with sounds greeted me. The characters of 3 young girls has been carefully chosen by the director along with the theme and the plot. 

As it stands for Deepak ~

जला के भस्म कर उसे ,

जो क्रूरता का  जाल है ।

तू आरती की लौ नहीं ,

तू क्रोध की मशाल है ।
The poem is written specially for me.
I won’t write much but will repeat these words.

 ” A No means No”.
But for the movie it’s a BIG YES 


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