Zorba The Buddha

Traffic Jam
Yes the everyday ordeal which we face in the Metro Cities and really hate it. At least I hate it.

If hate is the emotion so is the hidden love behind it. It is with this intensity the film maker has expressed the thought and a point of view.

A Bollywood movie is supposed to be full of love story and dancing songs but this film reminds me that chartbusters have unidirectional motive of entertainment. The story and characters can convey a message powerful enough to invigorate the juices for your brain to see power in this form of media. If you can get both, it’s called a cocktail.

Shot at Indian School of Business, the movie is a management lesson in itself. I see this movie as a complete “MBA with specialization in Awareness”. The society as we see it today is myopic in its vision to see the reality. This MBA is specially crafted for the habitants of the society.

Osho wanted man to be “Zorba the Buddha”. As “Buddha in A Traffic Jam” shows that the Zorba is missing and the Buddha is stuck in the Traffic Jam leading to Schizophrenia of the modern society.

If you want to meet Zorba, go and watch this movie. And if you have already seen the movie, you have achieved enlightenment.


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