Be Indian, Feel Indian

“Be Indian, Feel Indian”
Part 1

‘They are taking us to NASA’. My daughter came back from school euphoric and ecstatic.

‘How much does it costs?’ I asked. ’ 3 Lakhs only. Here is the brochure’. ‘Hmmmm. Are your friends going?’ Yes all of them are. It is just 3 lakhs.

My 8th grader daughter didn’t know that we survive for one full year in that amount.

‘You are too young to travel to another country alone, and that to US, even I haven’t been there’. I gave in a trump card.

But this conversation disturbed my thought.
1. I can’t afford it
2. How can school allow a presentation from a private company at school for evoking a feeling of poorness in a child?

(Believe me it was the toughest communication for me till date to tell to my child that we couldn’t afford to send her to NASA).

Well but that’s just the reality. It is tough for single income, rupee dependent economy salary earner to afford such dreams. I even thought of writing a letter to principal but I didn’t.

Did my parents face similar situation? Well at least schools in those days never dreamt of sending kids to NASA. At least the one I attended.

So answer to first question. Can I afford it? Of course I can, the cost is just equivalent to my credit card limit.

To the second question: The school probably wants kids to explore the world and may be this is the need of education for a global world. But isn’t that a justification for something which I truly do not feel comfortable inside.

Why not ISRO? Why did the school not think of taking kids to ISRO? That would have allowed all the kids to see how satellites are made and know about some science.

I called up my friend who works at ISRO if such trips are possible to be made to ISRO? ‘Yes’. He answered.

My 16 years of sales and marketing experience told me, Americans are good at marketing. They could market NASA to a private company, to the school and finally to an 8th grader who was totally sold to the idea of the US trip.

So that’s when I saw the emergence of Real e-commerce (educational commerce).

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