Science of Happiness

Yes you read it right!!

“Science of Happiness”. In school all i studied as science were subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As an adult i am learning Science of Happiness.

For a particular job which was stressful for 3 years, made me sad and depressed with onslaught of phone calls and too many mails to respond, it ate away my time and did not give time to my soul to nourish. I did not realize back then in year 2004 that one day i need to study something like Science of Happiness.

Thankfully i was introduced to a 2 day workshop by Happiitude in association with Berkley Institute of Well Being, and there it was the breakthrough experience.

This further led me to do research in this area and i came across an online course at called Science of Happiness.

This course had all the theoretical answers whereas the 2 day workshop all practical.

I wish soon they introduce this workshop and subject in schools, corporate and offices where there is some sadness in the eyes of the people.

Am I fully happy? Well No, The course answers that part as well. Try It….

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