Review of #DearZindagi


I do not want to reveal the complete story but can’t help to disclose the theme. I personally have 6 friends who are Life coaches as professionals. 

Why do people need life coaches now? 

During our parents time there was a close bonding between joint families, friends, relatives and that is now handed over to media (television), social media (you name it) and nuclear families in metros. Thus resulting in need to talk to someone  and that someone can be a professionally trained coach. Many coaches specialize in different fields such as career, health, relationship etc. Thus giving rise to “talk to someone” industry. And it is needed in metros. 

Dear Zindagi (a gollywood movie, joking) has given a new perspective on this theme. The message of clearly differentiated professional behaviour of the specialist adds the icing on the cake. 

People are trying to climb the Mount Everest without the help of Sherpas experience. All in all the movie makes people safe with their lives. I am told it has crossed 100 Cr. but those of you who boycott Khan movies, “I am a Khan and I do not recycle a cycle.” Come on, the theme is good so just let go of those Whatsapp messages.

~Deepak Motiramani

#Dangal by Amir is releasing on 23rd Dec so book your first day, first show and last row. 

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