Enjoy the chill Sir

​” Enjoy the chill Sir”

I was the first to board and get down Indigo 6E in Delhi. As I was about to get down the flight the Air hostess on opening the door said in the goodbye remark “Enjoy the chill Sir”. 

Little less than 7 hours later after having completed my work I was sitting at another end of platform at New Delhi junction. Surrounded by lamas, enjoying the chilly wind after many years, wishing for a “Kadak” Chai.

Early morning flight had a woman captain, cheerful, laughing and as the cockpit doors  closed, my eyes were caught with a professional statement on the cockpit door. It read ” FLYING IS A SERIOUS PROFESSION, DO NOT CARRY YOUR WORRIES BEYOND THIS POINT”. 

How thoughtful these words are by the writer.I could feel as if god is sending some message for the life.

 The lady pilot took a smooth takeoff , took breakfast in the cockpit, went to rest room and despite a foggy, chilly winter, made it a safe and smooth landing. 

 All the due respect to women crew on board. Only thing which I will waive off was non availability of “Paper boat Chikki” on the flight. My wife must have told them about my strict diet plan. sighhh…….

Why should men have all the fun?

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