A writer writes with the wine

​January 2, 2017

“Papa there are 739 unread messages”, my daughter told me on 31st Dec , as she picked up phone. We were in middle of a cousins wedding, I had travelled 1500 miles in 21 hours and really could not read messages.

I therefore just marked whatsapp messages as read but couldn’t respond immediately. 

Then on Twitter, I shared my first message.


 “365000 words in 2017 

#AmWriting #JustWriting #NewYearResolution

That’s an average of 1000 words per day.”


The actual resolution was to just write rather than spending time in reading. That’s going to be my fitness mantra for 2017.

I got a teenager daughter on 1st Jan, laptop as a gift, a fellow traveler from publishing industry who talked about royalty and an extended 3 months 4G free internet. That’s just a day after family celebrating new year Eve. I am counting my blessings. That’s why there is delay in wishing you all greetings for the new year. 

To break the trend, I would rather embrace the old like a wife. She knows about you more as you spend more time together. 

2016 was a timeline event for me as I joined IIM Ahmedabad 9 months ago as Manager-Case Centre. What a vibrant community and culture. I am loving every second of it. Ahmedabad has been a great city as well. 

I invite you all to have a cup of tea and some moments together in 2017 in Ahmedabad. Wish is always there with you, you just need to feel it. 

If you really want to wish me for the new year, please keep visiting my blog on http://www.deepaks.blog daily and please alarm me if I am not writing daily. That would really be 2017 gift for me. 

“A writer writes with the wine, the older the age, more drunk the reader is with the smell of the wine. ” ~ Deepak Motiramani

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