The gift of being an empath

The gift of being an empath
January 07, 2017
Today morning I opened my twitter account and the first message I saw was from Author Preeti Shenoy whom I follow on twitter. The tweet was
“RT @LonerW0lf: Are you more sensitive, observant, and empathic than those around you?”
It was attached with a link which is a test for checking if you are an empath on the site . My score was 90/100 meaning that I am empath. Frankly I had never bothered to understand the meaning of this word in detail earlier. But with this high score I thought of exploring this word.
According to Psychology Today, Trademark of an empath is to absorb the emotions and/or physical symptoms of others around due to high sensitivity. It also says that many empaths are introvert and intuitive giving less focus on logic.
I was wondering if being an empath is a good thing or not. Is it okay to embrace being an empath?
According to Dr. Judith Orloff “Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it. Through thick and thin, they’re there for you, world-class nurturers.” They flourish in calm, loving and peaceful environments.
There is a pitfall of being sensitive, something which I experienced today. A friend of mine called me to discuss his problems and initially I was perturbed by his experiences. On keeping the phone down I recalled my empath nature, and decide to re-look it from different perspective. I have been called sensitive by someone close but this doesn’t mean I am weak emotionally. It just means that I can senses feelings and emotions much more closely. Intuitive, Ah yes you may approach me for solutions as intuitive healer. 🙂
I was surprised to see that has an initiative for “Every Child Must Master Empathy”. They aim to teach empathy in school children. So is it the skill for the rest 80% to master. Yes 20% already are empaths.

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