Millennials, I can see them coming

Millennials, I can see them coming
January 08,2017
The Me Me Me Generation as I understand and feel about Millennials. The word is quite common these days and definitions are abound on Internet, Wikipedia and twitter.
I will just share my personal experiences in this blog.
When I visit my home town Bhopal, my father takes all the effort to receive us at railway station or airport, whatever the case may be. When parents visit my town, I am at liberty to tell them to take a cab and come home as I want to utilize time in something which I feel is productivity enhanced. So theirs is a generation more patient and caring and ours is out of time, busy on WhatsApp and Facebook, and we think we are smarter than their generation (courtesy smart phones).
Today I could see next generation of my young cousins visiting my home town. They did not even cared to meet, forget not even call. All we got was a WhatsApp message on common group with pictures telling us that they were around. Frankly me and my wife both did have an unpleasant experience. Well that’s progress of Millennials. We figured it out that actual reason for the same was that we do not drink alcohol and are somewhat outcast from social circles.
I can sense how my daughter is going to grow up. The kids at this age are demanding of all the facilities in life and parents do everything to fulfill them. The younger lot in my view has lost a chance to see challenges in life. By owning a flat and a car before they hit 30, the generation feels they have achieved everything. Everything yes, but at certain cost.
When I had a burn out at 33 I did not realize I was chasing dreams which was wanted fast and engrossed myself into work. Forgetting that time devoted to work, being an workaholic has it’s own cost. The need to mention here these points is that I can see my young cousins getting into a trap which all Millennials are going to face.
When I was young in school and college, I had friends. Friends who supported, chatted, discussed and did things unconditionally. Now this generation doesn’t talks, doesn’t discusses and is happy in their own world.
I really don’t know how they treat their parents but frankly our generation is different and so will be coming generations. Time which was supposed to be spent with family and friends is often spent on WhatsApp and Facebook.
No wonder Reliance Jio will be making money on data services as people instead of mingling with next door neighbor are busy on their small screens.
I read today in Times of India blog that French Government gave workers a New Year gift, by reversing the British novelist’s dictum and gave employees the right to disconnect from their mobile phones and computers so that office work didn’t disrupt their spare time.”
I think we need the same else the Millennials are going to need more life coaches like we saw in Dear Zindagi.
According to Simon Sinek, Millennials are typically people born after 1984, they are self interested, unfocused and difficult to manage. They get free food from office along with bean bag and they are still not happy. They always show life is amazing on Facebook and Instagram but inside they are depressed. I could have explained more but I would request you to see YouTube video “Simon Sinek on Millennials at Workplace “.
Trust me you will get the genesis of my today’s blog.

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