Fitness, Why have I been missing it?

Fitness, Why have I been missing it?
January 21,2017

Today morning as usual I got up and started my day with WhatsApp. After the cook, maid and sweeper finished their work and went, I came to the door and picked the newspaper. As I picked the newspaper my next door neighbor was coming back. We exchanged greetings and I assumed she must be coming back from a usual walk (As fitness to me is a simple walk).

On inquiring I was told that she was coming back from the gym which is in the campus. I had seen this gym only once in 10 months but assumed again that it will require costly shoes, trek suits and fees. I was told it was otherwise.

Just yesterday my daughter asked me to buy fitbit and we politely declined due to high cost. I internally knew that the expense may go waste if I don’t follow the regime of disciplined fitness.

Today I experimented and was surprised to find “Google Fit”. Well I don’t mind google tracking my fitness and sells data to insurance companies as long as it keeps me fit. It’s a simple android app and I added four activities which I intend to do regularly with tracking to keep me fit. Walk, Hiking, Yoga and Meditation. Yes it keeps track of meditation as well as non activity and calculates calories spent even if you feel you are not active but the body is active.

I did not buy and wearable device. I just kept the mobile in my pocket and it was counting my steps. Intuitively I set my target for walk for 5000 steps in a day. What could be the target in meditation?

I went out for a walk on a sunny Saturday and made some 4 glances at my mobile to keep going to achieve the goal. Till now all my walks were without any goal. Is goal setting so important in life?

I covered distance of 3.8 kms in 46 minutes, burned 1147 calories and took exactly 5083 steps. This is what google fit reported. Wow, we are using mathematics in health!!

First time I realized why we were taught those complex theorems in school. Utility of mathematics was discovered by me today.screenshot_2017-01-21-10-57-16-419_com-google-android-apps-fitness

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