Morning Dose of News Bytes

Ah! Here comes the same old newspaper. Let me see what’s new in it?

As I see the first page, there is a full page advertisement from an e-commerce company. They take the second page as well. Let me count the advertisements in todays newspaper. There are total 14 full, half and quarter page advertisements. If I remove tenders and classifieds, this must leave with almost 45% reading space.

When I was first asked in interview for NDA in 1990, What is your hobby? I had replied “Reading Newspaper”. The Group Captain asked me, “Okay, How many columns are there in Times of India, the one you read?” I had no answer as I never flipped article from one page to another.

Today after 27 years the only thing which has changed is that the newspaper gets home delivered. In those days I used to ride bicycle to get the newspaper once a week to get it from the only newspaper agency in small town of Jabalpur.

I have been trying to push my daughter to read the newspaper. May be that will help her increase the vocabulary of English language for competitive exams in future. However the smartphone ads substantiate the need for mobile phones for the school going children. The daily newspaper is customized for politics loving adult who is bombarded with negative news as his morning dose.

Though having information and being able to read early in the morning is a luxury not noticed, in this Internet age, we do not have time for it.

Look at a newspaper as a tool for meditation. Look finely into that top page corner snippet of Govinda being spared by supreme court on slapping a fan in 2008, it is so meditative process to notice such fine corners. Most of the times we miss the art & craft of how a newspaper is published. The efforts which have gone into publishing it daily with a discipline.

As I see the front page advertisement by flipkart for a mobile for 9,999/- I learn so much from the technical specifications, technology and learn how to hold my self from buying a mobile handset every day. There can be not better way to being spiritual by holding your emotions, greed and saving some money in your bank account.

I must say newspaper should be taken as a learning tool, every day, every moment.

I wish there were coaching classes which teach kids how to select, read and apply the news in daily life. NEWS is not only about directions, it is also a lot about awareness and mindfulness.

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