Book Review – Menaka’s Choice

Three days back i tweeted about Menaka’s Choice on my twitter timeline. When i went through the book, i realized that i was delving into my childhood curiosity about two fascinating characters.

Menaka fascinated many since their childhood in Hindu Mythology including me. As the story of Menaka and Vishwamitra has been famous for centuries in India.

The word Menaka means celestial dancer or Apsara. The curiosity about mythological characters and their stories have never been heard in such great details as the author Kavita Kane has described creatively in her books.

Though for me personally it was authors first book, i must appreciate the creativity of bringing characters from mythology into stories and book like “Menaka’s Choice”. It is a source of inspiration for all budding authors to learn and understand the use of mythological characters in contemporary books. Some research in mythology must have gone in for using these characters.

Coincidentally the page 108 starts with the chapter “Hunt & Hunted”. So if your hunt for the book is on, it must be for Menaka’s Choice. Who is to be hunted? You really have the answer to discover after you read the book.

I look forward to read other books by the same author in coming days. More as we read further.

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