Let’s Watch Indu Sarkar

I would have preferred to see Lipstick under My Burkha this weekend. A college junior  (Raj Tomar) visited my place and since i wanted to take him to movie, he preferred Indu Sarkar. “Sir politics ke bare mein hain”. Seeing his enthusiasm and liking for the topic, i surrendered to the choice of young generation.

I was expecting a movie on late prime minister instead it was on a character in the similar times played by Kirti Kulhari. I was a bit surprised by finding the movie hall empty with hardly 20 people sitting in a capacity of around 120 people.

Madhur Bhandarkar has touched a sensitive topic with a sensible ease.  The characters are well chosen and dialogues are finely crafted to evoke certain feelings.

It was interesting to watch the movie and then google the real characters during Turkman Gate Incident in Delhi in that era.  History can be a great teacher if read properly.

All in all 4 out of 5 for the movie. That one point is missing due to lack of good songs in the movie.

#PaisaVasool #InduSarkar #Movie #Politics #Emergency




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