Mall Culture & Indian Mentality

I visit mall for two reasons. One, there is a movie screen & two I feel energized and feel good about being at a classy place.

Yesterday when i visited the mall and sat on a bench to observe the people coming to the mall, i realized all kinds of people. People well dressed , executives, people with slippers and some boys geo-tagging the shops in the mall.

What was most striking that the shops were mostly empty despite putting up 50% sale or some similar attractive displays. People did window shopping, ate some food, saw some movie, enjoyed AC environment and ambiance and left.

It made me wonder about the cost break even of running a shop in the mall. With high franchise fee, maintenance cost, salary and brand support, the shops must be having a difficult time in keeping customers happy.

What has been your observation? Please do share your experiences and some great offers you have come across.

Look forward to hear from you,




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