राजनीति नही महाभारत का युध्द

एक ओला कार का ड्राइवर मिला GJ01CYxxxx, उसने कार चलाते हुए ये वचन बोले।।
“ये राजनीति नही महाभारत का युध्द है। जिनके पास काला धन है वे हैं कौरव और जो PayTM इस्तेमाल करते हैं वो हैं पांडव। अब आप ही बताओ कितना सत्य है और ये महाभारत कौन जीतेगा? सारा हिसाब मालिक रखता है।” उसने चलाते चलाते और ज्ञान दे डाला।
I was impressed by his philosophy and gyan till I realized that he had taken a Wrong turn and took my extra 3 kms with the new route. When the trip ended, I paid him 98 Rs. And marked it 2/5 as a bad trip.
I finished my work and again opened the Ola App , on request for car I was surprised I was allotted the same car again GJ01CYxxxx. I travelled the same route back with shortest route this time and driver did not speak anything while driving. Trip was over & charges were Rs. 85.
I couldn’t mark him 5/5 since I marked him 2/5 earlier with negative comments.

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