Friday Fever- Movie

This Friday it had to be “Toilet – Ek Prem Katha” , A Hindi Bollywood Movie based on a social movement to build toilets across the country. I heard on radio that 58% of humans living in this ancient country do not have access to basic necessity.

Being a Hindi speaking and fan of Krishna the god who mentored Arjun during the battle of Mahabharata, this movie has some scenic shots of Holi Festival from the Vrindavan.

A must see movie of all caste, creed and breed.

It is indeed nice to have socially sensible movies which change the mind set of people and help them grow in their life.

Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar and Divyendy Sharma played their roles with a perfect 10 score.

If you are aware of any loyalty card which promotes Friday Movie fever especially first day show, please do let me know.


Let’s Watch Indu Sarkar

I would have preferred to see Lipstick under My Burkha this weekend. A college junior  (Raj Tomar) visited my place and since i wanted to take him to movie, he preferred Indu Sarkar. “Sir politics ke bare mein hain”. Seeing his enthusiasm and liking for the topic, i surrendered to the choice of young generation.

I was expecting a movie on late prime minister instead it was on a character in the similar times played by Kirti Kulhari. I was a bit surprised by finding the movie hall empty with hardly 20 people sitting in a capacity of around 120 people.

Madhur Bhandarkar has touched a sensitive topic with a sensible ease.  The characters are well chosen and dialogues are finely crafted to evoke certain feelings.

It was interesting to watch the movie and then google the real characters during Turkman Gate Incident in Delhi in that era.  History can be a great teacher if read properly.

All in all 4 out of 5 for the movie. That one point is missing due to lack of good songs in the movie.

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Ten Reasons why I will watch RAEES?

Ten Reasons why I will watch RAEES?
January 20,2017

One: I watch films.
Two: I definitely watch controversial films.
Three: I think it’s a fashion to talk about banning a film and making it a super hit
Four: I want to post it on Twitter before my friends do
Five: I want to see story behind the songs in the movie
Six: I have an off on weekend
Seven: Freecharge asked me to transact twice to win a couple ticket to Raees
Eight: SRK is flying a kite in the film
Nine: It has a popular song Laila Main Laila in it which is already a hit
Ten: I am also going to watch Kaabil, compare it and then write reviews.
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Actually I don’t watch Cricket

I really don’t watch cricket. I am new to this new culture of cricket.

All i knew was this song “Phir Kabhi” by Arijit Singh in M S Dhoni- An untold story. The song attracted me and I went to the show in the afternoon.

The MSD Biography is an exciting story of a small town boy, his struggles and will which makes him successful. We know them by brands and advertisements on television, but MSD Story is quite an introspection on sports and need of sport as a career.

The theater was full of youngsters and I guess I was the oldest in the lot. A definite movie to be seen in theater only. Torrents and Laptop viewing may not help.

A 4 on 5 for the movie.

Zorba The Buddha

Traffic Jam
Yes the everyday ordeal which we face in the Metro Cities and really hate it. At least I hate it.

If hate is the emotion so is the hidden love behind it. It is with this intensity the film maker has expressed the thought and a point of view.

A Bollywood movie is supposed to be full of love story and dancing songs but this film reminds me that chartbusters have unidirectional motive of entertainment. The story and characters can convey a message powerful enough to invigorate the juices for your brain to see power in this form of media. If you can get both, it’s called a cocktail.

Shot at Indian School of Business, the movie is a management lesson in itself. I see this movie as a complete “MBA with specialization in Awareness”. The society as we see it today is myopic in its vision to see the reality. This MBA is specially crafted for the habitants of the society.

Osho wanted man to be “Zorba the Buddha”. As “Buddha in A Traffic Jam” shows that the Zorba is missing and the Buddha is stuck in the Traffic Jam leading to Schizophrenia of the modern society.

If you want to meet Zorba, go and watch this movie. And if you have already seen the movie, you have achieved enlightenment.


A “No” has never been so profound !!

​A friend asked me to write review of the movie “Pink”

I normally do not want to spend money in theatres and see free movie downloaded from Internet. What I was curious was 87% rating by viewers on book my show &  a character called “Deepak Sehgal” being played by Big B. 
I entered the cinema hall late by 20 minutes and the dark steps with sounds greeted me. The characters of 3 young girls has been carefully chosen by the director along with the theme and the plot. 

As it stands for Deepak ~

जला के भस्म कर उसे ,

जो क्रूरता का  जाल है ।

तू आरती की लौ नहीं ,

तू क्रोध की मशाल है ।
The poem is written specially for me.
I won’t write much but will repeat these words.

 ” A No means No”.
But for the movie it’s a BIG YES