How PayTM is fooling you!!

With demonetization the usage of wallets went up. We became enlightened with ease of use with PayTM.

PayTM made a smart choice of its brand name. Very close to ATM, the subconscious mind thinks that it’s the money coming back to you like ATM with offers like “Lakhpati” or Rs. 50 cash back etc.

Well, the truth is that one is spending more with a facility like credit card and probably spending much more. It is time to shift back to Cash, What do you think?

Walnut every day

The government makes an annual budget. In india we also have a halwa ceremony for secrecy till public disclosure.

Since past year or so I have been maintaining an excel sheet of my daily expenses. I came across an app called “Walnut” which fetches my annual expenses from SMS measages. Since I do all digital transactions, my statement of expense was made in 2 minutes like Maggie Noodles.

Would you like to eat this walnut everyday?


Each year on Air Force Day, I remember the jovial Shreya Shukla who was with me at AFSB 4 Varanasi for NDA interview. We stayed together for a week.

Shreya got selected as Air Force Fighter Pilot and I couldn’t get through that Interview.

Years later in “The Week” Magazine we appeared on different pages. I was holding a mouse for an interview about a website launch and there was also a story in the same magazine about Flt. Lt. Shreya Shukla having lost his life in a MIG crash.

Always remember you on #AirForceDay Flt. Lt. Shreya Shukla.

I am always amused about destiny and our appearance in the same issue of The Week Magazine.

राजनीति नही महाभारत का युध्द

एक ओला कार का ड्राइवर मिला GJ01CYxxxx, उसने कार चलाते हुए ये वचन बोले।।
“ये राजनीति नही महाभारत का युध्द है। जिनके पास काला धन है वे हैं कौरव और जो PayTM इस्तेमाल करते हैं वो हैं पांडव। अब आप ही बताओ कितना सत्य है और ये महाभारत कौन जीतेगा? सारा हिसाब मालिक रखता है।” उसने चलाते चलाते और ज्ञान दे डाला।
I was impressed by his philosophy and gyan till I realized that he had taken a Wrong turn and took my extra 3 kms with the new route. When the trip ended, I paid him 98 Rs. And marked it 2/5 as a bad trip.
I finished my work and again opened the Ola App , on request for car I was surprised I was allotted the same car again GJ01CYxxxx. I travelled the same route back with shortest route this time and driver did not speak anything while driving. Trip was over & charges were Rs. 85.
I couldn’t mark him 5/5 since I marked him 2/5 earlier with negative comments.

Morning Dose of News Bytes

Ah! Here comes the same old newspaper. Let me see what’s new in it?

As I see the first page, there is a full page advertisement from an e-commerce company. They take the second page as well. Let me count the advertisements in todays newspaper. There are total 14 full, half and quarter page advertisements. If I remove tenders and classifieds, this must leave with almost 45% reading space.

When I was first asked in interview for NDA in 1990, What is your hobby? I had replied “Reading Newspaper”. The Group Captain asked me, “Okay, How many columns are there in Times of India, the one you read?” I had no answer as I never flipped article from one page to another.

Today after 27 years the only thing which has changed is that the newspaper gets home delivered. In those days I used to ride bicycle to get the newspaper once a week to get it from the only newspaper agency in small town of Jabalpur.

I have been trying to push my daughter to read the newspaper. May be that will help her increase the vocabulary of English language for competitive exams in future. However the smartphone ads substantiate the need for mobile phones for the school going children. The daily newspaper is customized for politics loving adult who is bombarded with negative news as his morning dose.

Though having information and being able to read early in the morning is a luxury not noticed, in this Internet age, we do not have time for it.

Look at a newspaper as a tool for meditation. Look finely into that top page corner snippet of Govinda being spared by supreme court on slapping a fan in 2008, it is so meditative process to notice such fine corners. Most of the times we miss the art & craft of how a newspaper is published. The efforts which have gone into publishing it daily with a discipline.

As I see the front page advertisement by flipkart for a mobile for 9,999/- I learn so much from the technical specifications, technology and learn how to hold my self from buying a mobile handset every day. There can be not better way to being spiritual by holding your emotions, greed and saving some money in your bank account.

I must say newspaper should be taken as a learning tool, every day, every moment.

I wish there were coaching classes which teach kids how to select, read and apply the news in daily life. NEWS is not only about directions, it is also a lot about awareness and mindfulness.

Snail Mail

Mr. Motiramani
M.O. 21, MPEB Colony,
Vidyutnagar, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Yes, we saw an inland letter with our home address on television screen on Doordarshan.

Our connection to Postal Department is since the days of my great grandfather Shri Pherumal Motiramani who was a postmaster in Jhalawar (Rajasthan). My father inherited philately as a hobby and I as a kid became a fan of postal codes and geography.

We were watching television and the programme was about lost letters which never reach out to addressee as they change their locations without informing local post office.

Suddenly we saw our own letter with the above address. This was many years ago. In this age of electronic communication, I would still like to have an archive of that programme of Doordarshan.

Can you please suggest how can I get access to that old archive and retain a copy for our reference?

Since then I always informed local post offices of our address change and always been friends with postman on Diwali.

Now I have their mobile numbers as well.

How about putting some breaks in life?

“We are moving too fast in Life. ”

When my friend commented, i was comprehending it with full attention. I myself have been a technology  slave and still i am to some extent. The speed of information which was supposed to save time is demanding more time from me.
“When we were kids we had all the time and luxury. When i was earning Rs. 3000/- a month salary i was enjoying it much more than currently being country manager of an MNC.” My friend commented.
The information rich have gone time poor. Time poverty is asking us to slow down in life and look at things with a pause. If you feel the same please do join us in a movement to look at life from different perspective.
On this platform we would like to discuss about Slow Movement. Basically everything with slowness and mindfulness rather than a hectic pace of life.
With this background we would like to propose a series of WhatsAppinars to discuss slowness as a skill in the contemporary settings. The first WhatsAppinar is being planned on this Saturday April 29, 2017.
The idea is not to eat away your time on a weekend but you may join at your will. However we would request your 15 minutes of contribution on what you think about “Speed of Life”. Share your experiences.
I would recommend you to have a look at this video from Carl Honore, Author of “In Praise of Slowness” before joining in.
We can sync in for the WhatsAppinar on the following link
Join WhatsAppinar this Saturday 29 April 2017 between 10 am- 5 pm
Please do share your suggestions if any.

Entrepreneur Friend

​”You look like Vijay Mallya”

I shouted under the mango tree, near the Harvard steps. It’s a coincidence that his name is Vijay Krishnan.

Sportive look and in French beard he looked like an entrepreneur. He has recently started 

Civil Engineer by profession, when I asked him what his target segment is? He replied “Mitron, 125 Crore Deshvasiyon” 

Buzzing with ideas he is an entrepreneur to be watched. Do visit his website 

​I failed therefore I am

Exam Time! That’s the time I don’t study at all. I listen to music, read fiction and watch movies. 
When I failed in a class at school, I learnt the greatest lesson. Never study during exam Time. 

It was just a habit of last minute exam preparation that I had to break. That year I fell ill just before exams. That year onwards I started preparing day by day , inch by inch. And I learnt the secret of being a champion.

So for the next class above plan is recommended. For this exam watch the movie 3 Idiots and chant “All is well” , “All is well” , “All is well” 

Whatsapp ke side effects

​On Sunday I had severe throat infection and cold. I called up my uncle who is a doctor to advice on medication. He asked me to note down 3 medicines.

As all medicine shops were closed on Sunday in Vastrapur, I sent someone to fetch medicines. He called up saying that one particular medicine was unavailable.

I messaged back my uncle to give alternate one. He did so.

I was little better on Tuesday. On Wednesday I got side effect and later found out that instead of one antibiotic I was taking two which caused side effects. 

* Moral of the story: Yes you already got it *

Whatsapp can create nuisance in your life.